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Fémszer Ltd. continouosly improved through the last years, this is our priority, henceforward the long time satisfaction enlarged market needirngs of the region. The main scope of Fémyszer Ltd. activities is pruducing and constructing steel structures, industrial lock-fitter works and conventional locksmith industrial metal sheet works, the company wishes to develop these activities within the frame of this investment.

The tenderer wishes to make the procurement at the 3.386 m2 place of the company, address: Vác, Gödöllői street 13r.

The subjects of the procurement are: EPPLE E-HSTS 3.060-10 hydraulic print-cutter, UZMA CAP 30135 E-CNC hydraulic press-edge benedr, UTILEV UT35P LPG cepush-cart.

Fémszer Ltd. could improve its efficiency, could make faster and more precise work with the new, modern devices. With the improvement of efficiency incomings could be increased and could serve wider customer needings.


Source of supply:

Micro, small and medium businesses support in Pest county, named: "PM_KKVESZKOZ_2018" Tender, support of the Ministry of Finance, Pest county area development concept 2014-2030 and Pest county area development concept 2014-2020 financial supports provides the necessary finacial background.


The planned completion date of the project: 15.09.2021.

Detiled information of the project could be found on the web site http://femszer.hu/en/ourcompany



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