Our company

Our company was established in 1991 in the form of Limited Partnership in Vác at an other premises.

We moved to our present premises in 1995 what at the beginning was rented then later purchased.

Our main activity is producing, assembling on site steel structure locksmith projects together with other locksmith works.

Our premises is located in North Pest county, in the industrial and commercial area of Vác, on the road leads from Vác to Gödöllő, from 2 Km of the road 2/A Vác-East junction.

In the workshop 10 full-time job qualified technicians, locksmiths and welders are employed.

According to the field of activity our plant complies: plate-shears, plate-mill, edge-bender, drills, different welders (CO, AWI, inverter, etc.) plasma-cutter, band-saw, profile iron cutter and for the assembly work required drill, chisel machines, magnetic-mount drills, etc.

Transport and procurement are carried out partly with our pick-up trucks and partly with the involvement of subcontractors.

At the present premises we plan to build a new, up-to-date 600 m2 production hall with crane, the project already has legal building permission, the constrution will soon begin. When this new building will be finished we could serve our customers with larger capacity and shorter deadlines.


Our main reference projects are:

- Suzuki Corporation Hungary, Esztergom, presser plant, presser machines noise reduction, manufacturing counterweighted gates.

- Alfa Shop Hungary, Vác, lock-fitting and steel construction works.

- GE Corporation Hungary, Vác, (MSH) hall steel construction platform works, frames, construction of steel chimney.

- MOFÉM Corporation Hungary, Mosonmagyaróvár,technological steel chimney creation, build-in.

- Maryker Ltd. Hungary, Dunakeszi, wholesale hall steel structure and revetment works.

- CONSOLID Ltd. Hungary, Gödöllő, Táncsics street sport yard grandstand metal work.

- Csuka Gabona Ltd. construction works of covered steel structured shed. Hall revetment works.

- KG-FILTER Ltd. Hungary, Dunapack different stell structure works. Noise reduction.

Indirectly pruduced items to abroad:

- GE Canada

   Aluminium air support and control systems.

- GE England, Enfield I., II.,

   Technological platforms, steel constructions, frames.

- GE China

    Creation of fluorescent lighting producing burn in furnace air system, cover structure, shaping heat inhibitor covering.


Major business partners:



- GE Hungary Ltd. Vác

- KG FILTER Ltd. Budapest

- DeltaTech Ltd. Balassagyarmat

- Siel-Inctédy És Társa Ltd. Vác

- Celitron Ltd. Vác

- Villport Ltd. Vác


- Csuka Gabona Ltd. Vác

- Contitech Ltd. Vác

- Zoltek Ltd. Nyergesújfalu



- ThyssenKrupp Ferroglobus Ltd. Budapest

- Kalapács Ltd. Vác

- Warm Ltd. Budapest

- Metmark Ltd. Szekszárd

- Kling Ltd. Budapest

- ZENTAX Helios Ltd. Szolnok

- Letfusz és Fia Ltd. Vác

- Juhász Ferenc Jóker Vác

- Helios Ltd. Szolnok


Mr. Dezső BERCSE

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